Information for Hand Lettered Calligraphy

Envelope Addressing

Prices are based and the style of calligraphy you choose, the color of ink, whether you have inner and outer envelopes (or outers only), and the type of paper. 
Dark, heavily lined (can't see guidelines through them), or metallic envelopes, and specially colored inks can change the cost.


Social Hand 
$1.85 for outer envelope only
$2.20 per inner and outer envelope set

 Ornamental or Spencerian
   $2.20 for outer envelope only
$2.50 per inner and outer envelope set

Engravers Script,  Flourished Spencerian,
or Simple Text

$2.50 for outer envelope only
$2.80 per inner and outer envelope set

 Rook Script, Lavenderia Script,
 Informal Script or Italics

$2.65 for outer envelope only
$2.95 per inner and outer envelope set

Citadel Script, Bickham Script ,
or Pointed Pen Uncial

$2.90 for outer envelope only
$3.25 per inner and outer envelope set

Burgues Script or Splendid Script
 $3.00 for outer envelope only
$3.40 per inner and outer envelope set

 Stylized Script
 $3.50 for outer envelope only
$4.00 for inner and outer envelope set

The prices above are for black ink on light colored envelopes with up to 4 lines.     (The zip code is not considered an extra line.)   Envelopes with more than 4 lines will be an additional .50 cents per extra line.

For colored, metallic, or heavily lined envelopes, please add .25 per piece.

For color, gold or silver inks, please add .25 per piece.

Return address - Prices do not include a return address, which is usually pre-printed. If you need a 2 line return address, it will be 2/3 the price of an outer envelope, of whatever style you choose.  For example:  If you'd like your return address in Engraver's Script, it will be $1.65.

RSVP Envelopes - Return Response envelopes are priced as a separate envelope and will be discounted by .25 cents off of the "outer envelope only" price in the price chart above.

Inner envelopes - Most formal invitations have an inner envelope.  This is the envelope that contains your invitation and all other pieces.  It will have the names of the invited guests on it.  For example:    Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

If children will be invited, their names appear only on the inner envelope, not on the outer mailing envelope.  For example:         
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
David and Sally

If your guests are invited to bring an escort or a guest, that is also indicated on the inner envelope only.  For example: 
Mr. Smith and Guest

If you have questions about the proper forms of address for outer or inner envelopes, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Other information
    Not all envelopes are “ink friendly”.  If you would like to check before shipping them to us, you can try a fountain pen on your envelope to see if it will take ink properly without bleeding into the paper.

    Please plan to supply 10% extra envelopes or place cards for testing the ink, and to allow for any errors.

    Your guest list will need to be typed in "label format" as opposed to spreadsheet format.  Being able to see the addresses exactly as they should appear on the envelope cuts down on lots of questions! 
    Be sure to use upper and lower case letters, as opposed to all capitals.  You can indicate the names for the inner envelope directly below the mailing address.
    For example: 

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
    123 Park Lane
    Anytown, New York 12345
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith

     Remember to proof read your list carefully!

    Remember to plan ahead. Wedding, Anniversary, Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations are usually mailed 6 to 8 weeks before the event. If you have a large number of guests from out of town, 8 weeks is more appropriate. We will need a minimum of 2 weeks to complete your order. Also don’t forget to allow for shipping time. Rush jobs are sometimes possible, for an additional fee. Please contact us to check for time availability.

    We normally keep a few of your extra envelopes in case there is a need for additions or corrections. If you do not want us to keep any extra envelopes, please let us know. Corrections for any mistakes on our part, will, of course, be done at no charge. We will also do one "batch"additions and/or corrections at the regular price. If you have more additions or corrections after that, there will be a $25.00 set up fee for each batch.  A 5% discount will be applied to orders off 400 envelopes or more.

    A 50% deposit is required upon booking. At that time, we will be happy to send you a very helpful sheet of tips, acceptable abbreviations, and etiquette guidelines for addressing your invitations. Final payment, including shipping fees, will be due upon completion. Full payment MUST be received before any job is shipped.  Sadly, there can be no exceptions. We will accept checks, or you may wish to pay by credit card using PayPal. Your deposit will reserve the time slot for your project. If you need to cancel your reserved time slot, cancellation must be at least 4 weeks before your scheduled time slot in order to allow us an opportunity to re-book that time slot for another client. If cancellation is less than 4 weeks in advance, refunds of deposits will be at our discretion depending on if your time slot can be re-booked.

    for Envelopes, Invitations, Menus, Programs…

    Roses (your choice of color) - $.75 each
    All other embellishments are $1.00 for each envelope, invitation, etc.

    Place cards - $1.50 each
    Black ink on a customer supplied Tent card (including name & table number)
    or a Place Card with Envelope
    Dark, heavy, or metallic cards may incur an additional charge
    Meal choice indications are extra
    Consider adding color-coded roses to indicate your guest’s meal choice!
    Roses on place cards are .50 each.

    Table number cards - $2.50 and up
    Table number cards can be done several ways- one sided or 2 sided;
    the table number only – “One” or "1"
    or “Table One” (on 2 lines)
    or “Table 1” (on 2 lines)
    or table names – “London” or “Lilac Table”
    Contact us for an exact quote

    Menus & Programs
    Please contact us for a quote. Prices depend on the style of lettering you chose, the amount of lettering, centering of lines, etc.

    Custom Invitation Design Packages including the invitation, response card, response envelope and return address, begin at $250.00. Basic prices are listed below.  Extra designs, flourishes or special layout, may increase the price.  Contact us for more details and a price quote.

    Invitation: $150.00
    Two Line Return Address: $20.00
    Response/RSVP Card: $50.00
    Response Envelope Address: $30.00

    Additional Items (Thank You Note, Reception, Escort Card Design):  Beginning at $50.00

    Names: Starting at $50.00 (per couple)
    "Spot Calligraphy" - Individual Words/Headings: $20.00
    Monogram Design: Starting at $50.00
    (Please note that elaborate designs or flourishing can alter these prices.)

    Original artwork will be completely hand lettered and then retouched in photoshop.  The digital files will be sent to you or your printer, in 1200dpi.

    Individually priced items include monograms, names, direction cards, etc., and will be priced according to the amount of text, or how elaborate the item might be.

    A 50% deposit is appreciated, and the balance will be due before the completed files are sent. Pencil proofs will be sent for your approval, before everything is completed in ink.  Digital files (usually jpegs) are sent to you for printing

    Don’t have a printer or a letter press printer? I do, and I’ll be happy to take care of having your invitation suite printed or pressed. Please contact me for more information.

    Every Wedding Scroll, Poem, Name, Quote, or set of Vows,
     is done completely by hand, to your specifications. Please contact us for more details and a more accurate price quote. We will make every effort to work within your budget, while creating a timeless and treasured piece of art, just for you.

    Questions? Please contact us using the form on the “Contacts” page on this website. We’ll be happy to help!