Calligraphy Styles

Our most popular styles of calligraphy are displayed below. 
These styles can be used for any of your calligraphy needs.
All calligraphy work is done by hand.

We may also be able to match the script on your printed invitations. 
Please contact us for details.

Social Hand
Engraver's Script
Rook Script
Bickham Script
Citadel Script
Flourished Spencerian
Informal Script

Simple Text

To View samples of envelopes, Invitations or Place cards using these styles, please return to the main "Calligraphy" page.

To view other items using these calligraphy styles, please go to the
"Menus, Programs, Wedding Scrolls and More" page.

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Consider adding a lovely embellishment to your Envelopes, Invitations,
Place Cards, Menus, or Programs. 
Or you can add them to all of your calligraphy items to carry the theme
throughout your special event. 

All painting is done individually, by hand,
so every one is special and no two are ever alike.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Stylized Script with Rose
Citadel Script with Calla Lily

Informal Script with Double Hearts
Rook Script with Iris

Engraver's Script with "Molly's Flowers"
Flourished Spencerian and Daisies
Italics with Violet

Simple Text with Gladiolius
Ornamental with "Buddy's Flowers"

Spencerian with Bell Flowers
Social Hand with Wild Roses